Hello, I'm Adrian.

I create experiences for the connected world, solve big problems & execute the solutions.
I design products with positive impact that better the human experience.


I prototype, test and iterate customer-focused solutions that meet measurable business objectives.


I bridge the gap between business decision makers, developers, designers and users.


I'm a big picture thinker, I tell stories, and solve big problems. I assist teams in aligning activities for optimum outcomes.


Adrian Forster

I’m a natural leader with a deep passion for human-centred design, dedicated to making the best use of design expertise to craft meaningful, simple and elegant experiences, products and services for humans.

I started out self-taught in web design in 1995 and then with a BSc in Multimedia Computing and HCI by 2001, I was able to help numerous clients ranging from global brands, large organisations and small businesses respectively.

I have successfully delivered a variety of compelling experiences, researched, ideated, concepted, and prototyped for numerous platforms as well as facilitated workshops and produced strategy documentation / design deliverables for the likes of Emirates, Reiss, Virgin Atlantic, Canon Europe, ITF, Virgin Media, BBC, Eurosport and many more.

 I believe in creating something that is more than simply the sum of its parts. I believe that great creative work comes from great relationships and collaboration. I’m always looking to connect with likeminded people with vision.

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Made with ❤ in London, UK.

Available for new challenges.

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